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Residential Permit Parking

Certain streets restrict parking to neighborhood residents during specified hours. By keeping non-residents out of the zone, Residential Permit Parking makes it easier for people to park by their home.

If you live in a residential permit parking zone, you will pay an additional $25 for your annual City Vehicle Sticker. The zone number will appear on the sticker, giving you the right to park in that zone. In addition, if you live in a zone, you may purchase up to two books of guest passes per month. Each book contains 15 passes. Each pass is good for 24 hours.

You may be required to present photo ID, and proof of address (such as lease or mortgage).

City Stickers / Daily Passes

Where to purchase

You can purchase City Stickers and Daily Passes at the Chicago City Clerk’s offices:

5430 W. Gale Street (by the Jefferson Park train station)
Mon-Fri  9am – 5pm

City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle St, Room 107
Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm

Parking Permit

Parking Zone Finder

To determine whether you live in a residential permit parking zone, enter your address at the link below.

Parking Zones

Chicago’s Parking Permit Zones

You can access an interactive map of all Chicago’s
permit parking zones below.

Garage Sale Permits

Each household is entitled to two permits each year, with a third sale authorized only if the occupants are moving permanently from their residence. Click here to access the permit.

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