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39th Ward Garbage Collection

Please use the interactive map below to determine your garbage pickup day.

Garbage collection days vary following snowfall.

Yard Waste

Residents can call our office or 311 to request yard waste collection.

Yard waste should be left in the alley or at the curb for collection, and bagged separately – not added to the garbage in the black cart or the recycling in blue.

Yard waste consists of leaves, grass clippings, branches, brush, clippings from shrubbery, and garden waste. Yard waste does not include dirt, rocks, or gravel.

Tree Trimming

Trees that are located on City property, usually between the curb and the City sidewalk, will be trimmed as necessary, upon request.

When requesting this type of service it is important to indicate why you feel the tree needs to be trimmed (i.e. it’s shading the street lights, trim dead branches, trim low branches over the sidewalk or street, clear branches away from the roof or windows of the house etc.)


The City of Chicago offers several ways for residents of the 39th Ward to recycle. Blue carts will have separate pickup from normal garbage collection, and will be sorted on-site.

For more information on the City of Chicago’s recycling program, please click below.

Rodent Baiting

If you would like to request rodent baiting for your yard of alleyway, please click below.

Street Sweeping

Streets in the 39th Ward are swept ion a rotating basis from April to October.

Check the street sweeping schedule to see when your street will be cleaned.

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